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Computer Troubleshooting Tool Kit

This professional PC hardware diagnostic repair toolkit includes everything you need to accurately troubleshoot hardware problems, including new bootable diagnostics. Learn More

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This professional PC hardware diagnostic repair toolkit includes everything from the standard kit above, plus PCI and miniPCI POST cards, and a power supply tester. Learn More

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#1 Computer Troubleshooting & Repair Toolkit

These five-star rated hardware diagnostic tools are used by PC technicians, service professionals, and hobbyists, on the bench and on the road. Large and small repair organizations use these PC troubleshooting toolkits to shorten PC diagnostic time and reduce parts usage.

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Service Center 9 Home Service Center 9 Diagnostics and Tools Service Center 9 Script Editor

Service Center 9 uses the same PC-Doctor hardware diagnostics as the world's top PC manufacturers to increase testing accuracy, troubleshooting efficiency, and professional image. Identify computer hardware issues using the PC-Doctor diagnostic software — even if problems are intermittent — then complete your repairs and verify problems no longer exist. The reports generated for your customers can include your logo, contact information, and technician's name, as well as a complete system inventory including model and serial numbers, tests ran on the system, and the action taken to fix the problem.

Service Center 9 System Information Service Center 9 Reports Service Center 9 My Links

Service Center 9 significantly advances the capabilities of the PC diagnostic kit that repair depots, manufacturers, independent computer repair shops and other professionals have used for years to troubleshoot hardware issues. As with every new release, the most comprehensive Diagnostics and System Information in the industry are enhanced to cover the latest hardware, platforms and chipsets. Service Center 9 provides three great diagnostic environments on a single USB key so technicians always have easy access to Windows, DOS and the all new Bootable Diagnostics environments. Snapshots, used to detail any system changes, can be included in Service Center's customizable reports along with the system serial number, your company logo and other helpful reporting information. Diagnostic Sessions from all three testing environments are easily combined on the USB key to give your customer a complete picture of testing performed. The Multipurpose USB Device indicates test status and stores configuration files, customizable reports, system snapshots, your customized links, and other information.

Testimonials by PC Technicians ( + More / - Less )

Now, when I run into a machine that beforehand I didn't know why it was not functioning properly, I actually know instead of just making an educated guess or spending an enormous amount of un-billable time trying to be sure of the diagnoses. All in all, it's an inexpensive way to make my repair business diagnose computers more confidently and quickly. This product is definitely recommended and we will be acquiring a second kit for our other location soon.

E. Knute Judsen
Geek Genius, A+, Net+, Sec+, USMC Ret.

I received my "PC Doctor Service Center Premier" Kit a couple of weeks ago and have been slowly working through all of the tools included in the set. We have two computer repair stores in Michigan and I have been fixing machines for over 10 years. These kits never appealed to me before because I honestly didn't know what they were all about. My experience of working on so many PCs made me feel as though I could diagnose from my gut and instincts and these kits seemed too good to be true like snake-oil. Most of the time that technique works, but after using this toolkit I truly realized how much time I have been wasting doing things the old way

The first day I used this kit I was able to diagnose two extra machines within a few hours allowing me to bill out an additional $170 for the day in lieu of methodically testing every component or swapping out parts doing a few things here and there over the course of several days. Less time, more money = happy repair tech.

The rest of the first week I used the product frequently trying out different portions and running different diagnostic tests. On a daily basis this product is saving me time allowing me to make money and turn machines around faster with much less time spent on the bench.

Since there are so many parts of this I haven't even touched yet I will add to this review in a few months with an evaluation of the other areas I have tried using this toolset on a case by case basis.

Now, when I run into a machine that beforehand I didn't know why it was not functioning properly, I actually know instead of just making an educated guess or spending an enormous amount of un-billable time trying to be sure of the diagnoses. All in all, it's an inexpensive way to make my repair business diagnose computers more confidently and quickly. This product is definitely recommended and we will be acquiring a second kit for our other location soon.

E. Knute Judsen
Geek Genius, A+, Net+, Sec+, USMC Ret.

I just want to reiterate how much I appreciate you jumping in and doing what you can to help me out. I am building my company around serving others first and believe that this is the most important part of my business. I just want to know that the people I am partnering with also have similar values. I believe that PC Doctor does have those values which is why I chose your product in the first place. You have confirmed my belief in your company's values and I look forward to a long lasting relationship between our companies.

Tom Williams
Anywhere Computer Care

Service Center has been a time saver for our company. We advertise professional level diagnostics on our website to our clients. This is professional level diagnostic software. We have paid much more for diagnostic utilities in the past that are nowhere near as thorough or user friendly as this one. Customer satisfaction is what keeps clients coming back to us for service. This product is a key ingredient to our success! Great customer support after the sale is just another reason to rest assured you have made a wise purchase.

Tony Bellamy
Cyber Solutions

As a user of Service Center 5, 6, and 7 I would like to express my resolute support of the PC-Doctor series of repair kits. Though I have rarely had need for the peripherals I have found that the numerous hardware tests make my job repairing defunct and wayward PC's so much easier. Gone are the days of pulling peripherals. The thorough Memory and Disk Drive tests have made many a customer happy at pre-emptive discoveries of failing components and saved downtime for many a company.

The sales representatives are very helpful and the interface is the epitome of simplicity, making it one of the most successful packages I have ever used. This will pay for itself before you know it.

Sean M.

PC-Doctor is rapidly becoming indispensable on my workbench. It has managed to identify some fairly subtle disk issues, saving me a huge amount of time.

GulfCoast Networking Inc., Rob Marlowe

After using Service Center 6 for the last year or more I couldn't wait when PC-Doctor released their latest and greatest version (v7) — as usual the service from PC-Doctor was fantastic and friendly with efficient communications via email from Kim who couldn't do more to help, answering any questions I had about the new version. I promptly ordered and the new version arrived in the UK from the US in only two days! — Now that is what I call amazing service.

This new version is simply fantastic; it has a new user interface which makes working with the software a pleasure and some of the new diagnostics tests and features such as creating custom reports containing your own company logo are excellent. The new POST card is also an improvement giving you much more information about the system you are testing.

Yet again a fantastic product from a company that I would not hesitate to deal with again and again, more companies should be like this, putting the customer first and being interested in customer feedback and suggestions!

PC Assist Online, Darren Rose - Senior Technician

Starting off as a one man computer repair service, using PC Doctor 5, we are now a thriving repair business with 10 employees, covering the entire northern half of The Netherlands, catering to Home, Small Business and Local Government.

We are now using version 7 and are even happier than we were! PC Doctor Service Centre 7, saves us time and money and is indispensible.

If you have any questions or problems, no problem! PC Doctors customer care is world class! Excellent service, as well as friendly and fast. I have NEVER received such good service from any company here in Europe! (except perhaps my own of course J).

If you need professional diagnostics and great service, and a product that will help your business grow, look no further!

Mobiele Helpdesk, Rob Waldram

I am overly impressed with the thoroughness of the PC Doctor environment. Not only does it save time but its allows me to increase my productivity substantially. No more frustration and double checking my troubleshooting skills. Simply run the software and let it do its' magic. With the growth of my business in PC repair and troubleshooting this software is my dream come true. Finally a complete set of hardware analysis tools all in one brilliantly mastered diagnostics center. Thanks PC Doctor... too bad you can't re-grow my lost hair!

TechLive Now!, Jason Ruiz - Vice President

We have used various software programs to perform various diagnostic functions; many well known brand named products as well as those that are not so well known. Some of these programs are very similar in function and features to the PCD individual parts but nothing that compares with the comprehensive diagnostic abilities in a single program that you get in the PCD program.

Electronbox Support Team, Cliff Dale - Senior Technician

I was having a problem with one of my computers intermittently locking up, requiring a hard reboot. Of course, each time this occurred, I lost everything that I had been working on since the last time I did a file save. I couldn't tell whether this was a hardware or a software issue and didn't know where to concentrate my efforts to resolve this issue. In searching the internet, I came across PC-Doctor. I installed the software and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use and how completely and thoroughly it tested all the hardware components in the computer. Thank you for this extremely helpful addition to my computer diagnostic toolkit.

G3L Consulting, Inc., Gerald Barber - President

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Licensing and Product Use

Your license allows you to diagnose an unlimited number of computers, one at a time. An included locking device must be attached to a USB or parallel port to run the diagnostics. The Multipurpose USB Device provided in the kit can be used stand-alone to boot and run the DOS diagnostics or Bootable Diagnostics and can store test reports, system snapshots, and other information. Whether using the USB device or the diagnostic CD, there is no installation requirement — simply run Service Center and start testing!

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