Automated reports with branding. Solve intermittent problems and diagnose unbootable systems. Deliver service into the field and eliminate guesswork all while reducing costs.

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Present a More Professional Image to Your Customers

  • Quickly customize a printable report that includes:
    • Your logo
    • Your contact information
    • Your tech's name
    • Detailed system information report, including component model and serial numbers
    • Results of all diagnostics run on the customer's system
    • List of components and drivers installed based on comparison between snapshots of the customer's system
    • Sample report

Shorten Service Delivery Times

  • Start an automated test sequence and walk away, then check real-time status at a glance by looking at the LEDs on the Multipurpose USB device
  • Fast start-up times with no installation requirements
  • Fast, accurate diagnostics reduce time to troubleshoot and repair systems
  • Drag-and Drop custom test scripts automate testing for common problems and tailor testing to your needs

Increase Diagnostic Accuracy

  • More than 400 current diagnostics and features for all widely used PC components
  • Use the same diagnostic tests used by the world's largest PC manufacturers to ensure quality

Increase Profits

  • Reliable results in less time, so you can process more computers each day
  • Accurate tests increase first-time-fix rates and reduce no-trouble-found (NTF) rates for components in service organizations

Diagnose Unbootable Systems

  • Boot and test from the included CD (with parallel port device attached) or Multipurpose USB Device — even if the installed OS and/or hard drive are dead/non-existent
  • Use the PCI and miniPCI POST cards to indicate what the system BIOS is doing prior to loading the system. If the system fails to boot, the last POST code from the BIOS is shown on the 2-digit LED display, pinpointing the operation that failed.
  • 2 offline operating systems!
    • NEW! Bootable Diagnostics offline operating system that support UEFI
    • DOS for additional low level testing

Diagnose the Latest Components

  • Industry standard Diagnostics and System Information are continuously enhanced to cover the latest hardware, platforms and chipsets
  • Combination of Windows and Bootable diagnostics to cover all testing environments
  • Testing in UEFI and non-UEFI environments
  • New test coverage in Service Center 9 includes Webcam image quality tests, new sensor device testing to support mobile platforms, fingerprint reader diagnostics, enhanced multi-point touch testing, stereoscopic 3D rendering tests, new optical drive tests, and more
  • Improved SSD support

Solve Intermittent Problems

  • Run system load test and parallel tests to stress the system and expose intermittent problems
  • Use System Events to view when a BSOD occurs and what device and driver caused it

Deliver Service into the Field

  • The kit includes hardware test devices, test media, drive erase utilities, and software diagnostics in a compact satchel for use in the field or the shop

Eliminate Guesswork

  • Comprehensive testing with the same industry-standard diagnostics used by the world's largest PC manufacturers quickly finds the real problem

Existing Service Center Technician?

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