Feature-rich software tool kit. New session support, test scripts and editor, customizable reports, system information and snapshots, configurable links, system even analyzer, and more. The tools for technicians.

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Service Center 9.5 provides four great diagnostic environments on a single USB key, allowing technicians easy access to Windows, DOS, and Bootable diagnostics—with all NEW Mac and Android support. Snapshots that provide details of system changes can be included in Service Center's customizable reports (sample report), along with the system serial number, your company logo, and helpful reporting information.

Diagnostic sessions from all four testing environments are easily combined on the USB key to give your customer a complete picture of testing performed. The Multipurpose USB Device indicates test status and stores configuration files, customizable reports, system snapshots, your customized links, Drive Wipe options (NEW), and other useful information.

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Service Center 9.5 Windows Screenshots

Service Center 9.5 Home Service Center 9.5 Diagnostics and Tools Service Center 9.5 Script Editor
Service Center 9.5 System Information Service Center 9.5 Reports Service Center 9.5 My Links

More Features to Help You Troubleshoot

  • NEW! Android diagnostics to test all of the latest Android tablets, phones, and devices running Android version 2.3 - 5.01
  • NEW! Bootable Diagnostics now compatible with Macs
  • NEW! Bootable Diagnostics now display additional battery sysinfo including design and current capacity
  • Updated! Bootable Diagnostics Drive Wipe with improved performance, multiple drive wipe options in My Links, and test reports that include drive wipe results and options selected
  • The loopbacks and optional power supply tester and PCI/miniPCI POST cards help you find problems fast
  • The Multipurpose USB Device indicates test status and stores session information, configuration files, customizable reports, system snapshots, your customized links, and other information
  • Direct System Information™ architecture gathers information directly from devices, bypassing drivers where possible
  • Runs under versions of Windows, DOS, Android (version 2.3 - 5.01), Apple Macs and the included offline bootable operating system
  • Run direct from DVD or the Multipurpose USB Device with no installation on PC and Mac systems — Windows, DOS and Bootable Diagnostics
  • Analyze PC BSODs to identify the device driver that caused it
  • Bootable Diagnostics support for testing UEFI based systems and NOW supports 64-bit UEFI secure boot systems
  • Sessions automatically save system information, test results and system snapshots to the USB Key when testing (excluding Android diagnostics)

"Bottom line, it paid for itself in the first week of use. It's been a long time since I measured an ROI in hours!" — Brian Knox


Service Center 9.5 Android Screenshots

Service Center Android Home Screen Service Center Android Diagnostics Service Center Android Testing Service Center Android Test History Service Center Android System Information
Service Center Android Tablet Home Service Center Android Tablet Testing Service Center Android Tablet System Information

Choose the Right Kit

Service Center Premier Kit

Service Center Kit - Only $329.00

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PC-Doctor Service Center kits provide four testing environments: Windows, DOS, Bootable, and NOW Android to have one testing solution for multiple devices. Quickly identify hardware issues with more than 500 diagnostic tests, many new or updated for faster execution. Repair the problems, and then use Service Center to verify you identified and repaired the correct issue, saving time and money. Then provide your customers with customizable reports that show every component in their system, including model and serial numbers, every test run on the system, and exactly what you did to fix the problems. All with your company logo, contact information, and technician's name prominently displayed at the top. Never has a single product done so much to improve your performance and image!

This Tool Kit Includes:

  • A multipurpose USB device with LED indicators and bootable, low-level diagnostics to test systems without a hard drive, optical drive or display
  • A diagnostic DVD containing Windows, Bootable, DOS and NOW Android diagnostics
  • Optical media for testing CD and DVD capabilities
  • Parallel, serial, USB, audio and Ethernet loopback adapters
  • Drive Erase Tools
  • Documentation for both basic and advanced options
  • A professional canvas case for carrying the kit onsite

3-pack kits and individual kit components now available!

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Service Center Premier Kit

Service Center Premier Kit - Only $449.00

Free Domestic Shipping!

The PC-Doctor Service Center Premier Kit expands on the Service Center Kit giving you additional tools to diagnose systems unable to POST or boot. Use the hardware test devices to confidently and accurately diagnose intermittent power issues and quickly diagnose problems during the power on self test (POST).

This Tool Kit Includes:

  • The Service Center Kit, plus
  • PCI and miniPCI POST cards with a remote display for testing PCs that will not boot
  • A power supply tester

3-pack kits and individual kit components now available!

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Product Simulation

The simulations are interactive. They operate just as if you were using PC-Doctor software, but provide instructions and explanations.

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Customizable Reports Enhance Your Professional Image

System repair technicians have unprecedented control over both the content and the appearance of the reports generated by Service Center. These reports can be branded to include your company name, the technician's name, and your company logo. Reports can include system information, test information, and a comparison between any two snapshots of the system that shows all changes made between those snapshots. View a sample report.

System Snapshots

A system snapshot is a system profile that you can compare to other system configurations or use for auditing hardware. You can take a snapshot before you begin work, replace hardware and drivers as needed, then take another snapshot after repairs are complete. The differences between the two snapshots, including detailed hardware, software and driver information, can be included in the printed report generated by Service Center. This shows the customer exactly what was done to their system, establishes credibility, and boosts customer confidence. A camera icon on the Home pane makes taking snapshots quick and easy.

Test Scripts

Test scripts are series of diagnostics that run automatically when the test script is launched. The Script Editor allows you to create custom test scripts that you can tailor to your specific test needs and save for repeated use. Five predefined, broad-coverage test scripts can be launched with a single click directly from the home screen. You can save an almost unlimited number of custom test scripts and add up to five to the home screen. Note that all tests, including tests for devices not present in the system under test, are included in the script. This allows the script to be used on other systems that might include the devices required to support those tests.

System Events

Conveniently locate problems reported by Device Manager or the Windows Event Log including devices without an installed driver, Application Crashes, and OS Crashes (BSOD). BSOD entries with available Windows dump files are analyzed to root cause the device driver that caused the BSOD.


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