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Licensing and Product Use

Your license allows you to diagnose an unlimited number of computers, one at a time. An included locking device must be attached to a USB or parallel port to run the diagnostics. The Multipurpose USB Device provided in the kit can be used stand-alone to boot and run the DOS diagnostics or Bootable Diagnostics and can store test reports, system snapshots, and other information. Whether using the USB device or the diagnostic CD/DVD, there is no installation requirement — simply run Service Center and start testing!

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Service Center 10 FAQs

Android Diagnostics
  1. Will Service Center 10 work on Android M devices?
    1. Google has only released developer preview versions of Android M so far. It is normal to experience issues such as app crashes on newer OS versions, but PC-Doctor will provide an update for full support of Android M once Google releases its first production image.

FAQ Archives - Visit the archives for FAQs of previous versions of Service Center.

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PC-Doctor technical support answers questions and provides feedback about actively supported PC-Doctor products.

For failed tests, PC-Doctor technical support can explain what the test is doing. Specific advice about what steps should be taken to get the system to have a Pass result on a test or diagnosis or troubleshooting advice are generally outside the scope of the support offered.

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