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Licensing and Product Use

Your license allows you to diagnose an unlimited number of computers, one at a time. An included locking device must be attached to a USB or parallel port to run the diagnostics. The Multipurpose USB Device provided in the kit can be used stand-alone to boot and run the DOS diagnostics or Bootable Diagnostics and can store test reports, system snapshots, and other information. Whether using the USB device or the diagnostic CD/DVD, there is no installation requirement — simply run Service Center and start testing!

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Service Center 10 FAQs

  1. Rough Audio Test prompts for audio loopback adapter when one is connected.
    1. If the loopback adapter is connected the prompt to connect the loopback adapter from the Rough Audio Test can be safely ignored.
  2. Rough Audio Test reports it “Cannot Run’ when the audio loopback adapter is not connected.
    1. The audio loopback adapter is required for the Rough Audio Test to run. Please locate the audio ports and attach one loopback connector to an output port and the other connector to an input port and re-run the test.
  3. When viewing the System Information within Service Center 10, the Operating System variant, such as Basic, Ultimate, etc., is not displayed.
    1. Unfortunately due to the timing of the official variant information from Microsoft this information was not available at the time of the release. This will, however, be included within the next release of Service Center.
  4. The Internet Communication Test and Data Transfer Verification Test report ‘No Connection’ following the Network External Loopback Test if the network loopback adapter remains connected.
    1. Prior to running the Internet Communication Test and the Data Transfer Verification Test, please ensure the network loopback used for the Network External Loopback Test has been removed from the machine.
Bootable Diagnostics
  1. When attempting to run the Bootable Diagnostics on a system using a GeForce GTS 240 video card the UI does not load. What can I do?
    1. This issue is related to an issue with the kernel driver for the GeForce GTS 240 video card. A workaround to this issue is to add modprobe.blacklist=nvidia_current to the kernel command line at boot by pressing the [Tab] key to edit options prior to launching PC-Doctor Bootable Diagnostics as seen in the screenshot below:

      Service Center 10 Bootable Diagnostics

      Once this has been added, press Enter to launch the Bootable Diagnostics.
Android Diagnostics
  1. Will Service Center 10 work on Android M devices?
    1. Google has only released developer preview versions of Android M so far. It is normal to experience issues such as app crashes on newer OS versions, but PC-Doctor will provide an update for full support of Android M once Google releases its first production image.

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Customer Support

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